Our belts are cut from an 8-9oz full grain cowhide 'vegetable tanned leather'.


The vegetable tan process uses organic materials and natural tannins from bark and leaves from trees resulting in a tough, unique material that can be tooled and worked to fashion tough, hardwearing, beautiful pieces.


The buckles are solid brass, rust proof, heavy duty, seamless and polished and then hand stitched to the leather with a tough red thread.


The belts are dyed with a nut-brown oil-based dye and polished with carnauba cream to protect from fingerprints and marks. Over time the belt will develop a unique patina based on how you handle it and the natural oils from your skin are worked into the leather.


Clean it regularly and treat with any good leather cream, we recommend Renapur that is easily available.

Handmade leather HVB embossed belt