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We've been awarded OUTSTANDING by OFSTED!


We are delighted to announce that after our recent Ofsted inspection we were awarded the grade of ‘OUTSTANDING’ in all areas!

We are totally over the moon with the results and the comments made by the Inspector in her report... a report which is better than we could have ever imagined!

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes here, its a huge team effort. Aside from Nick’s constant conveyor belt of wood chip, water, fire wood and conservation work to make sure that the woodland continues to be a sustainable and magical place for the children to come and play.

There is many hours of admin involved for our amazing team of Lisa, Kara and Louise ! Not to mention the UK weather reports (that are never right ) 🇬🇧

Massive thanks to our incredible staff members Kara and Lisa, who are fantastic colleagues, friends and of course brilliant role models to the children. They have fully embraced working in the outdoors and the children take great delight in spending time with them.

We feel we are really lucky to work with them both.

This result means all the more to us, given that we were unsure how Ofsted would receive our very unique setting.

Having no running water, no vehicle access for parents and of course being OUTSIDE IN ALL WEATHERS 50 weeks of the year has really meant we had to think outside the box time and time again !

After all, there aren’t many nurseries in the country where the children walk half a mile over fields and farms before they even get to their nursery setting!

Working in our setting every day, we can of course see the daily benefits in action but having the OFSTED report really is the icing on the cake.

The report can be found here

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